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Estate Management Essays

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Via Verde Case Study Analysis

Real estate development is a wide and comprehensive scenario, which involves different kind of people, such as, developers, architects, agents, planners…

Globalisation and the Global City

The competition between cities and regions do happen, meanwhile, so do cooperation. Both of them are crucial for cities to be global city.

Why Do Youth Join Gangs?

We need to step up and reach out to the youth of today. The youth will be the next president, vice president, or even a counselor for teens that join gangs.

Campus Security Management

This research study aims to get a better understanding on the security management and to understand how important are the security management….

An analysis of aldis strategy

In 1948, the brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht opened the grocery store ‘Albrecht Discounts’ (Aldi) in Essen (Ruhr Valley), Germany.

Lego strategic analysis

This essay will consider firstly the position of Lego in relation to both the constraints of the internal and external environment in the lead up to 2004.

Strategic decisions of human resource management

The intention of this report is to analyse and evaluate communication systems which impact upon strategic decisions with reference to modern-day views of human resource management within a medium sized contracting firm.

Investing in property shares

Investing indirectly means purchasing shares of companies that hold large portfolios of securities on behalf of their share holders.

Types of research strategies

The research strategy for this dissertation was established by adopting a way which the research objectives can be answered.

Okonkwos tradition drink palm-wine

He was a man of action, a man of war…On great occasions such as the funeral of a village celebrity he drank his palm-wine from his first human head.

International valuation method

The objective of this research study is to development the best international valuation method for the valuation of hotel properties in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.